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Cecil County Re-Zoning Meeting

Updated 8-19-09

Planning Commission recommends against proposal

The proposal to rezone the property at the corner of Barksdale and Valley Road from Suburban Residential to Business General was presented to the Cecil County Planning Commission this past Monday evening. This was an opportunity for representatives of the owner of the property to state their case for a rezoning, and to discuss their intent to build a commercial and retail center on the land. Quite a few residents of Abbotsford, Country Hills, Christine Manor and Williamsburg Village were in attendance. Our City Councilman Paul Pomeroy was in attendance, as was our County Councilwoman Lisa Diller. Both spoke on behalf of constituents opposed to the plan.

The applicant’s stated their contention that the land was zoned in error, and should have allowed for a “transitional zone” from the W.L. Gore site on Barksdale Road in Newark to the residentially zoned areas in Cecil County. Many residents rose to speak against the plan, citing concerns around draining, safety, and quality of the area. One speaker presented himself as an expert in legal issues around zoning, and testified that the applicant’s rationale was, in his opinion, deeply flawed, and would not hold up in Maryland Court. The Planning Commission voted unanimously against the proposal. The full meeting minutes should be posted by Friday August 21st at:


As encouraging as all of this is, the Planning Commission does not have the final word. This matter will be put before a vote of the Board of Commissioners of Cecil County. While the Planning Commission’s recommendation is strong and will carry weight, the Board of Commissioners is not obligated to accept there recommendation.

There will be a public meeting on Tuesday September 1st at 2:00 PM at the Elk Room, Chesapeake Boulevard (just off Route 40 right across the DE State Line). This will be the final opportunity to make your voice heard prior to a vote by the Board of Commissioners’ (which typically is at the next meeting 2 weeks later).

County Administration Building
The Elk Room
200 Chesapeake Boulevard
Elkton, MD 21921
2:00 P.M.


Proposed Re-Zoning at Barksdale & Valley Road Intersection
Updated 8-13-09

Plan calls for Commercial and Retail space

We received word that a local developer has submitted a plan to rezone a 13 acre property at the corner of Barksdale and Valley Road from Suburban Residential to Business General. This is to accomodate a plan to build a commerical and retail center   on the land. Many residents in the area have expressed concerns about this plan:

- The plan indicates the construction of 6 large buildings, one 28,000 square feet in size
- Valley Road may have to be widened
- Increased traffic on Barksdale and Casho Mill Road
- Water drainage issues

There will be a public meeting on August 17th at the Elk Room, Chesapeake Boulevard (just off Route 40 right across the DE State Line). If you have concerns on this plan, please plan on attending.

Alternate Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2009
County Administration Building
The Elk Room
200 Chesapeake Boulevard
Elkton, MD 21921
7:00 P.M.

APPLICANT:  Bangalore Lakshman.
PROPERTY LOCATION:  Barksdale Road, Elkton, MD 21921. Election District: 4, Tax Map: 14, Parcel: 619.
PRESENTLY ZONED: Suburban Residential, (SR).
REQUEST: Request to rezone 13.00 Acres from Suburban Residential, (SR) to Business General, (BG).
PROPERTY OWNER: Bangalore Lakshman.  

City of Newark Recycling
Updated 3-28-09

The City is providing FREE recycling   service to all of its residents.   To participate in the city's service you need to call the City of Newark Public Works Department ASAP, and no later than April 8th.   If you register after that date, you will have to pay a $25.00 fee to start-up the program.

Special Provision for the Townhouses

The Department of Public Works has given the townhouses in Abbotsford the approval to use an 18 Gallon Tub for recycling, rather then the 35, 65, or 95 gallon rolling carts that are coming from the City.   These smaller containers will be more practical for Townhouses, as they can be carried into your house. The Homeowners Association will be providing free recycle bins to townhouses that are interested in taking part in the curbside recycling program.

Full Information on the program

W.L. Gore Site on Barksdale Road
Updated 2-16-09

We received a call from Mike Ratchford, who is a community relations representative for W.L. Gore. He wanted to make the residents of Abbotsford aware that the Gore plant on Barksdale Rd has purchased 3 acres of land adjacent to the plant, on the Maryland side of the border. They will be using the land to build expanded parking for their facility. Their intention is to do this in a minimally invasive way to the environment. He mentioned that there will soon be markings on trees to indicate which trees they will be keeping, others will be cleared out. A map of the land they are acquiring can be viewed here.

This is not part of the transfer of the Kinross Court basin to the City of Newark, nor is any of the land they are acquiring owned by the Abbotsford Homeowners Association. Mike mentioned that anyone with questions can feel free to contact him directly at 302-292-4570

Sale of Storm Water Basin has been approved

We are pleased to announce that 2/3rds of the homes in Abbotsford have approved the transfer of the Kinross Court Basin to the City of Newark. The transfer process is under way, and should completed in the next couple of months. Now that we are free from the burden of maintaining that basin and have cost-certainty that we will not have expensive maintenance down the road, our dues can safely be lowered to $60.


Basin View 1, Basin View 2, Collapsed Tree, Hole in Trail

Resolution to Approve Sale

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